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Our 1898 TEES FEATURe 100% American-made Supima Cotton

Why Supima?



Less than 1% of the cotton grown and manufactured in the world is Supima cotton because the process to construct Supima is more intricate and expensive. We’re strong believers that you get what you pay for and we’ve made the best quality tee available. Most companies won’t use Supima because it’s more expensive, but we believe a good tee starts great and stays great over time. Supima quality will have you hiding this tee from your girlfriend because it is so comfortable. 


Our Supima cotton is different than your everyday cotton. It has a longer fiber than ordinary cotton, which makes for a sturdy tee that is less likely to pill. Your 1898 tee will last longer than your other tees. Wash after wash this tee will stay soft and hold its color. Guaranteed. 



Once our Supima cotton is made into fabric, it is washed, dyed, then washed again for softness. We attribute our vibrant colors and sought after softness to the weight and density of our Supima. The color won’t fade and the softness only improves over time, assuming you launder it on a regular basis (but if you don’t, your secret is safe with us).


experience supima firsthand